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Petidco is a sales and marketing company dedicated to the RFID microchip Animal Industry.

Petidco supplies all varieties of microchips for animal implanting. If you are a pet owner or a large animal operator we have the solution for you.

Our mandate is to educate and encourage the public to become responsible pet owners; create public awareness regarding loss, theft, and euthanasia of animals; and provide a high level of superior products and customer service to veterinarians, shelters, SPCA's and associations for the safety of all animals. Our PETtrac Recovery System has demonstrated that all facets of the animal industry (veterinarians, shelters, SPCA's and associations) can work together to ensure the welfare of all animals.

Everyday pets are lost. How many "lost pet" signs have you seen? Tragically, millions of pets never make it back home. Most are adopted out or destroyed because their owners cannot be found. Now you can join millions of responsible pet owners who have identified their pets with a microchip.  Purchase a microchip today to ensure your pet’s safe return should it ever be lost.

Microchips, more than any other program, will foster responsible animal ownership.


Avid Canada has been in the companion animal identification business since 1994 and counting!

To market our products and continue our successful brand we have engaged  "Petidco Sales & Marketing Ltd" to market our products. With a new outlook we will be able to better serve our existing customers and continue to gain new customers. Customers who can rely on our excellent customer service and our quality products.

From pet owners to livestock and from fisheries and oceans to wildlife, Petidco and AVID Canada will be here for you.

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Petidco Sales & Marketing Ltd

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